Hooray! We’re almost done!

Hooray! We’re almost done, just one more day of those hateful TV ads.  I can feel it, soon the streets will no longer be littered with all of those obnoxious and unsightly  vote requests: Vote No on Proposition Yes; Vote Yes on Proposition No. One year of this assault to our senses and soon it will be over.  The time is almost here, I can’t wait.

I love America and its many Freedoms, soon we will have Freedom from the campaigns!  I voted, did you? Wouldn’t it be nice if they limited the campaigns to 60 days? I’d vote for that!  Have a great day everyone and remember if you don’t vote, you can’t complain about the outcome. (Well, I suppose you can, that whole Freedom of Speech thing.)  So everybody it is your right as an American citizen to vote. So be sure to go out and vote tomorrow, unless of course you’re planning on not voting for my choice, in which case feel free to stay at home.